Success is a Klinch for project managers Formero


Craig Burke, Managing Director of Rocka Devices recently won a 2011 Australian Design Award in the Housing and Building category for his Klinch Tool Tether product. The new safety product allows users to carry and use multiple tools safely without the risk of being dropped from heights.

The Klinch system works via a patented locking mechanism that allows the tool lanyard to be switched and locked onto multiple connection points.

With new mechanisms and devices of this type prototyping is very important to get a feel for scale and function.

Rocka Devices has extensive experience in product development, project management and liaising with toolmakers.

That is why they chose Formero, a leading Australian manufacturer who would provide expert project managers in Australia and China to deliver their product design goals on time and within budget.

Formero’s Polyjet 3D printing process was used for the first prototypes to get an idea of scale for the mechanism, fitment with other metal components and the human interaction.

After further refinements, SLS prototypes with glass reinforcement were made to check function and relative strengths of components prior to using Formero’s Parts Only service for short run production.

“I have managed tooling production and many toolmakers in my career and found that Formero took many of the headaches out of the process, says Mr Burke. “The tools were made and parts delivered to specification in a timely fashion.

“With confidence that Formero could manage our tool making and initial production requirements it allowed us to focus on marketing our product and building our business.”

Klinch Tool Tethers are available through selected Industrial and Height Safety Retailers or online at:

Ph: 03 9819 4422