Stylish, Practical Protection for Work and Home

Ansell has released a range of gloves designed specifically for tradespeople and anyone who needs hand protection while working on home building and maintenance projects.

The engineered ProjexTM Series glove range blends the latest fashion design with high protection levels for specific trades and for people undertaking domestic improvement and maintenance.

Available initially through suppliers of industrial protective work wear, the range includes Projex ‘Landscaper' gloves for outdoor work, offering users a heavy duty glove tailored for a range of outdoor tasks.

Projex ‘Light Duty' gloves incorporate improved comfort for general purpose, outdoor, automotive and material handling applications.

For residential carpentry and using hand or power tools, automotive repair or operators of equipment, Ansell says its Projex ‘Medium Duty' gloves are an ideal solution.

If your work or project involves bricks and masonry, demolition, roofing or operating equipment where full back of hand protection is critical, the Projex ‘Heavy Duty Impact' gloves are claimed to have the improved dexterity needed for day long, comfortable protection.

Projex ‘Heavy Duty Leather' gloves offer reinforced wear zones to assist when handling materials. This glove is designed for hand protection while working on residential masonry, demolition and roofing, whilst the reinforced palm and back of hand protection make it ideal for power tool usage and mechanical equipment handling.

Ansell's Projex ‘HI VIZ' gloves are engineered for hand protection during road work, construction, tyre changing and general purpose applications. They feature a retro-reflective knuckle for increased visibility in dark environments, which make them ideal for night work.

Further information on Ansell's ProjexTM Series gloves is available at

Ref. AN 11000