Stretch Tape Wrapper strawberries best friend


Twist Brothers Strawberry Specialists is a Strawberry Farm and jams producer in Chevallum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Transporting of pallets of strawberries around Australia. This involves journeys of many thousands of kilometres with the need for the strawberries to arrive fresh and with no product damage in transit.

The Problem:

Twist brothers were hand wrapping their pallets with stretch film which had numerous drawbacks.

  • Hand wrapping risks potential injury due to the repetitive and physically demanding nature of the task.
  • Stretch film does not allow the fruit to breathe and this results in a shorter shelf life.
  • Hand wrapping was not creating ideal load integrity which resukted in damage to the strawberries during transit.

Product Chosen:

Safetech Stretch Tape Easy Wrapper. The Semi Automatic Stretch Tape Wrappers applies stretch tape to the pallet which securely holds the load whilst allowing complete ventilation.


  • Longer shelf life for strawberries due to ventilation and reduced mechanical damage during transit.
  • No risk of injury from physical stress compared to wrapping by hand.
  • 90% waste reduction by volume.

The customer is so impressed with this product that he has called it the best piece of equipment they have ever purchased. Scrawled on the side of the machine are the words "My Mate".


  • Perforated stretch film. Time consuming and ineffective at preventing product sweating.
  • Netting - difficult to apply and remove. Expensive, less effective load stability.