Stretch tape keeps eggs safe

Company Profile:

DA Hall is an egg producer located 90 km south west of Toowoomba in QLD.


Warm eggs are packed into egg cartons and then into boxes for transport to customers across Australia such as Woolworths & Aldi supermarkets. Once the boxes have been filled they move through strapping machines and down conveyors systems where they are loaded onto pallets. From this point they are shrink wrapped and put into cold storage.

The Problem:

There were two main problems. First was the issue of double handling. The previous process required that after the pallets had been stacked they had to be wrapped by string or sticky tape to contain them so that they could be transported to the cool room. The pallets were then shrink wrapped (with holes punched through to try and allow the load to breath) prior to despatch. The second problem was that when the pallets were shrink wrapped with film, condensation often formed under the wrap causing extensive damage to the bottom boxes and to the rest of the load.

Product Chosen:

After extensive trials DA Hall decided that a Safetech Stretch Tape Wrapper would best solve their problems.

Benefits of this Product:

The revolutionary Safetech stretch tape wrapper solved both issues in one simple operation.

By wrapping the pallet at the point of palletising, it eliminated the need to contain the load until it reached the cool room and when required the pallets were instantly ready for despatch.

This removed the issue of double handling, allowed the eggs to cool quickly and completely eliminated the issue of condensation forming under the film. The new stetch tape wrapper saves time, money and labour.

The company did not make a hasty decision to purchase the tape wrapper - but it would be a brave man willing to try and remove it from the factory floor today.


The alternative would have been to continue with the conventional stretch film wrapper and the 2 stage wrapping process.