Stretch Film Wrapper for light loads

Light pallet loads are often extremely difficult to wrap with conventional stretch film wrappers. The Safetech A Arm stretch film wrapper can safely and effectively contain light loads because of the its unique wrapping process.

Business: VIP Packaging Moorabbin

Company Profile:
VIP Packaging is the leading plastic and steel packaging solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand


  • Extrusion and thermoformed packaging plant, producing foam meat trays for supply chains.

The Problem:

  • Production wrapping bails of foam meat trays which are extremely light loads.
  • Loads were swept off the pallets by the tension on the stretch film.
  • The operator’s were required to assist existing wrapper until wrapping cycle was complete which caused a loss in film cost and productivity.

Product Chosen:
The Safetech MX-A-Arm powered pre -stretch wrapper, with automatic attach and detach of film.

Benefits of this product:

  • The MX A-Arm Stretch Wrapper was chosen to eliminate the need for an operator to control the wrapper during a cycle.
  • The overhead arm which applies the film contains the most vulnerable part of the load immediately. Powered pre-stretch rollers deliver the film pre-stretched to the load with minimal force keeping the light load intact.  

Stretch film wrappers could not contain the load