For strength and stability it’s Profile Cutting Systems

Profile Cutting Systems’ range of PCS4000EHD Gas/Plasma Cutting Machines fitted with drilling turret heads offer flexibility and high productivity.

The Multispindle head has a precision conical pin locking mechanism for indexation of the drill head, which is controlled hydraulically.

The turret head housing is made from cast iron assuring excellent strength and stability.

The drilling spindles are a modular design that runs on high speed conical roller bearings which contain a permanent grease pack, the turret head is mounted in a vertical position for plate drilling with up to a 7.5kW (10 HP) drive motor fitted with 50Nm torque at the spindle, up to 1500 RPM maximum speed with high precision position repeatability.

The drive servo motor is mounted directly onto the driving shaft for the best use of the available motor power.

Holes of up to 32mm diameter can be drilled precisely and quickly.

The drill package is controlled from the front panel of the cutting machine either by the CNC controller or manually by a remote station.

A pneumatic hold down is system is used to hold the plate in position while it is being drilled.

An automatic air blast cleans the drill area each time the drill cycles when the drill is cutting automatic oil mist lubricates the drilling area.

Profile Cutting Systems
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