Strawberries fresher wrapepd in Stretch Tape


Berry Growing and Packing.


Wrapping pallets of strawberries and other berries to provide pallet load stability for transport across the USA and internationally.

The Problem:

All other pallet containment systems had failed to provide the load stability and ventilation benefits necessary to ensure premium product freshness and shelf life. In particular the customer had found that its current pallet containment system - stretch film wrapping - was damaging the product and the cartons as it caused the produce to 'sweat' beneath the film.

Product Chosen:

The Safetech Semi Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper and 3M™Scotch® Stretchable tape.

Benfits of this Product:

The Safetech 3M™Scotch® Stretchable tape stretchable tape system is the only pallet containment system available today that can provide the benefits necessary to retain optimum produce freshness, taste and shelf life.

The customer has found that 3M™ stretch tape improved food quality and shelf life substantially when compared with stretch film. Reduction of transport vibration was also a major benefit. 3M™ stretch tape is simpler to use and dispose of than netting or stretch film – in fact the customer reported that the plastic waste volume is reduced by 90%. Safetech's stretch tape wrappers are designed exclusively to apply stretch tape.


Many alternative wrapping techniques had been tried and failed. These included:

  • Stretch film failed to allow product ventilation and to limit product damage caused by vibration during transport.
  • Netting provided inadequate load stability and proved to be very unpopular with operators as it is difficult to remove and can foul machinery.
  • Corner boards were very expensive and had to be used in combination with other wrapping materials.