Storage Cabinets

Flammable safety storage cabinets

Flammable safety storage cabinets provide a safe, close-by and secure and timesaving method for storing all types of dangerous chemicals and help you to maintain good housekeeping practices.

All Materials Handling cabinets are fire tested to comply with the FM rating, something no other cabinet sold in Australia can claim. They also not only comply, but also exceed Australian Standard AS 1940. They help companies by providing product near to the workplace thus avoiding the time consuming and often risky practice of collecting from an outside storage facility. All of these cabinets have the following features:

  • Fully welded construction with 1.2mm steel and a double wall with 40mm thermal barrier
  • Superior electrostatic high gloss powder coat paint finish
  • Dual vents with built in flash arresters
  • Close fitting, sequential self closing and latching doors with three point locking mechanisms
  • They are leak-proof with fully welded, 150 mm deep containment stump
  • Shelves with built in troughs to contain spills
  • Adjustable height and shelf increments to maximise space storage
  • Adjustable levelling feet to prevent doors binding

Corrosive substance storage cabinets

These cabinets are manufactured to comply with AS 3780 for the safe storage of corrosive substances. They have a polyethylene tray on each shelf to collect any accidental spillages. Designed to withstand fire, these cabinets provide a safe environment to store most corrosive chemicals.

Pesticide storage cabinets

These cabinets are manufactured for the safe storage of pesticides. A safety shower and eyewash must be installed where packages are opened.

Organic peroxide storage cabinets

These cabinets are designed to comply with AS 2714 and have a sump capacity equal to the total of the contents of the cabinet. They are designed so that in the event of an explosion the doors will open outwards.