STOP: don’t go past KTR industrial brakes


KTR (Kupplungstechnik, Rheine), one of the world’s largest producers of drive couplings, has launched the KTR-STOP brand of industrial brakes.

KTR is widely known for various brands of couplings used by many OEMs, industrial plants, hydraulics industry, and various specialised industries such as Wind Energy, Transport and Petrohemical.

Brands include Rotex, BoWex, Radex, Lamex, Minex, Syntex, Ruflex and others.

Until now, KTR has been developing a new major product line of industrial brakes largely in its Chinese market, and in particular for wind turbine and mining equipment.

KTR enjoys a major presence in the China wind turbine market.

The global launch of KTR-STOP calliper/disc brake systems for industrial, marine, offshore, mining and wind turbine applications, coincided with the recent 2011 Hannover Fair in Germany.

Now, with new design improvements to offer brakes for all heavy duty applications, KTR aims to become a world leader in this technology.

In Australia, the mining industry is expected to take a strong interest in this product.

Features include:

  • Compact design with high power density
  • Industry-standard dimensions for brake pad interchange
  • Improved brake pad materials and design for longer service life
  • Full encapsulation of mechanical parts and use of seals and wipers to extend service life
  • Floating calliper design to centralise forces and equalise wear
  • Optional IntelliRamp touch screen brake control system
  • Packaged supply including disc, coupling, calliper assembly, hydraulic power pack, controller
  • Easy access for replacement of brake pads

Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools Pty Ltd is the Australian and NZ agent and distributor for KTR – a relationship that has endured for over 30 years.

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