Stockcap offers ultimate pipe and flange protection

Stockcap pipe and flange protection caps and plugs are available for threaded and non-threaded applications.

The Stockcap range, from Sinclair & Rush, includes threaded caps and plugs (BSP/NPT & JIC/UNF), flange covers, flexible vinyl caps and plugs as well as non-threaded caps and tapered plugs.

This variety of styles means Stockcap can offer a protection product for pipes starting from 1.6mm up to 170mm in diameter and flanges in sizes from 22mm up to 340mm.

Stockcap can also recommend the best material choice for your application. For low-cost, short-term applications Stockcap have a selection of polyethylene styles.

If the application requires permanent or long-term protection, Stockcap has a wide range of stock or custom vinyl materials to meet your exact storage, shipping or processing requirements.

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