Stepped Jaw Workholding Fixture

KURT Manufacturing, represented by DoALL Australia, designs custom workholding fixtures and tombstones for specific parts and processes. The workholding maximises machining centre output through high density design and fast load/unload features.

The application picture shows the stepped jaw design on a Kurt ClusterTower, which handles 15 different size parts simply by rotating the jaws. A quick-change feature allows repositioning a set of three jaws on one side of the tower in less than a minute.

The workholding setup handles many different size parts in relatively small production runs. A series of these towers maximises the output potential of a 10-pallet horizontal machining centre while providing flexibility needed to handle many different size parts.

Kurt will partner on a project from start to finish including research, design, development and building workholding systems and fixtures, often within a few weeks. Whether the project requires vices mounted on tombstones or hydraulic-actuated clamping fixtures for vertical or horizontal machining centres, Kurt provides the solution.

Kurt vices mounted on tombstones are designed for close tolerances. Vices are matched, so when mounted on tombstones, optimum accuracy is achieved with minimum variation from vice to vice.

Kurt offers either steel fabricated tombstones for high rigidity, or cast iron tombstones for vibration damping features. When more than one tombstone is required for horizontal machining centres with multiple pallets, Kurt will match the tombstones for maximum precision.

Kurt's hydraulic actuated fixtures are designed with internal hydraulic lines providing clean, safe operation.

To insure workholding systems that are both maximally productive and operator friendly, Kurt engineers design high density workholding systems with ergonomics in mind. Pre-clamping methods for easy loading and unloading of parts are used.

All custom workholding systems are designed to provide repeatable and reliable clamping force similar to Kurt vices, which are a world standard in precision machine vices.