Steel bench scale

A&D Mercury has released the SK-WP range of bench scales. The scales have a stainless steel casing and weighing platform and meet IP65 specifications. They are available with six capacities ranging from 1kg to 20kg and a displayed resolution from 0.5g through to 10g.

Five of the SK-WP models are approved for trade use by the National Measurement Institute of Australia on certificate 6/4C/216. Operation from dc batteries or an ac power adaptor makes the SK-WP suitable for use in areas where a permanent power supply is unavailable.

The stainless steel surrounds and platform make the SK-WP suitable for use in areas where hazard controls (HACCP) are in effect. A simple two-button keypad makes it easy to use, while the 25mm liquid crystal display can be seen from a wide range of viewing angles and distances.

A zero/tare button allows containers to be zeroed off prior to ingredient preparation to ensure accurate weights of completed products. The power is turned off automatically after five minutes without use and the SK-WP is covered by a full 12-month warranty.