Stay sharp with these new Miller safety products

Combining trusted safety features with new materials and configurations, the new Sharp Edge Lanyards and Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestors from Miller by Sperian, provide the toughest fall protection in their class.

The new Miller Sharp Edge Lanyards are designed to minimise the hazards posed by workers exposed to sharp edges. They are versatile and suitable for a variety of fall arrest applications.

Unlike regular polyester webbing lanyards, the Miller Sharp Edge Lanyard is manufactured from robust 12mm sharp edge rated Kernmantle rope, which provides exceptional strength, durability and flexibility.

Constructed from an internal core protected by a woven outer sheath, Kernmantle rope offers outstanding abrasion resistance under extreme working conditions.

To help minimise the impact of a fall, the Miller Sharp Edge lanyard features an external energy absorber with deploys to a maximum of 1.75m in the event of a sustained fall.

Ideal for use in construction, maintenance and any at height applications, Miller Sharp Edge Lanyards are available with a variety of connector options and feature different combinations, from fixed length to single adjustable, and double fixed length to double adjustable.

With their lightweight and compact design, Miller Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestors provide workers with the ultimate protection should a fall take place over a sharp edge.

Featuring a quick activating high strength stainless steel braking system that arrests fall to within centimetres, this retractable lifeline attaches to the rear D-ring of the harness for outstanding fall protection in the event of a fall.

Built tough and durable, the Miller Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestor is manufactured
using corrosion resistant internal components, as well as an aluminium and stainless steel casing encased in a high impact polymer cover.

For added safety when working around sharp edges, the Miller Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestor is engineered with strong 25mm Polyamide sharp edge rated webbing, and is compliant to the Sharp Edge Test featured in the European standards.

Both Miller Sharp Edge Lanyards and Miller Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestors are
certified to AS/NZS 1891.3- 2007 standards.

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