Star attraction: TEA’s new magnet couplings

These new stainless steel couplings from TEA Transmissions have no wearing parts and provide wear free transmission of torque between the driving and the driven parts through any non-ferrous wall.

This makes them ideal for mixers and agitators in food processing and pharmaceutical industries where contents must be isolated from the drive.

Permanent magnet couplings use multi-pole high energy powerful magnets assembled around an outer core to drive a magnetic inner core.

This allows transfer of torque through a solid wall. They also offer the benefit of slipping when the maximum torque is exceeded, thus protecting mechanical components in the drive line from damage.

Other suitable applications are in the marine area to eliminate the need for seals or for driving submerged pumps or compressors.

They are also ideal for solar or low power applications requiring extremely efficient torque transmission.

TEA says its latest offering is its simplest and most versatile coupling.

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