SSI Schaefer launches new LogiMat storage lift


SSI Schaefer has launched a new automated storage lift at CeMat 2011 logistics trade show in Hannover, Germany.

The compact LogiMat storage lift can ensure maximum storage capacity with minimum space, reduced storage and energy costs.

The LogiMat storage lift is an automated storage and order picking solution that increases the performance of a warehouse.

It also improves the efficiency and flexibility of the picking processes – with a minimal footprint.

The LogiMat can provide a six to ten fold increase in order picking speeds thanks to the process automation of the solution and can minimise picking errors thanks to the computer-controlled processes.

The LogiMat is comparable to an oversized drawer cabinet with two rows of trays – a front row and a back row.

Between both rows of trays there is a lift moving up and down along the entire height of the warehouse automation system.

Individual trays are removed from their positions and moved down to a service opening that follows the goods-to-man principle.

The order positions are transferred directly to a PC located on the automated warehouse system, where the relevant article trays are actuated by the system and transferred to the service opening.

Warehouse staff remove the picked goods easily and at an ergonomic height with no operator stress.

The range of applications includes:

  • Storage of small, standard and DIN parts
  • Production store and conveyor system across multiple levels
  • Incoming goods store
  • Storage and provision of equipment and tools
  • Production buffer and automatic parts provision

Unique Features of the LogiMat include:

  • Equipped with a series of electronic systems ensuring optimum operation without interruptions
  • Can easily be integrated into an existing warehouse management system
  • A unique photocell system that checks if the lift shaft is free
  • Available in any height and width

Compared to a common static storage solution, the storage lift only requires one tenth of the storage space.

SSI Schaefer
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