Spring Tilter for Food Manufacturer


A Melbourne Food Manufacturer.


A liquid food additive needs to be drained from 1,000 litre containers in a steel stillage frame.

The Problem:

The container needs to be tilted to allow the remaining 50-100 litres of food additive to drain from the front outlet. This is currently performed using a forklift, but is not well controlled and ties up the use of the forklift.

Product Chosen:

Safetech Spring Operated Tilt Stand.

Benefits of this Product:

The stand raises the container above floor level which makes it easier to fit and remove the drain hose.

The stand then automatically tilts the container forward when approximately 90% of the liquid is drained. The last of the liquid then fully drains from the container.

  • Automatic operation with no power required and no operator inputs required.
  • No valuable product wasted as 100% of the product is drained.
  • Forklifts are not tied up and available for other use.
  • Durable galvanised finish.


Powered tilters were much more costly and required a power outlet nearby.