Spitwater proves there’s no substitute for quality


In today’s highly competitive environment where many manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing overseas products, it is a bonus to find Australian operators continuing to manufacture locally – using high quality components.

Spitwater is a company that takes pride in its Australian made products.

Spitwater, based at Albury in southwest NSW, is the largest Australian manufacturer of high-pressure water cleaners.

The company exclusively uses high quality Interpump pumps in all of its pressure cleaners.

In fact, Spitwater has been using Interpump pumps since its establishment in Australia, 27 years ago.

For the past 30 years Interpump has been the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps.

Interpump is recognised for its high level of technology, exceptional quality standards, systematic research, development and design.

“There are many high pressure pump brands on the Australian market,” says state manager Milo Gajin.

“However, when you look at them more closely, very few of them are able to stand up to Interpump, feature for feature, benefit for benefit.”

Mr Gajin says Interpump pumps are built to last.

“That’s why they are an integral part of every Spitwater pressure cleaner.”

All pumps have an aluminium die cast crankcase with an oil level window, oil drain plug for easy maintenance and a vented dipstick.

The head of the pump is made from forged brass with dual symmetrical inlet and outlet ports. It is affixed with 8 fixing bolts to prevent possible damage caused by pressure peaks or freezing.

Inside the pump has a forged crankshaft with heavy duty tapered roller bearings and oversize connecting rods in “white bronze”.

The connecting rod pins are in special, hardened steel. The piston guides are made from stainless steel or nickel-plated hardened steel.

The piston guide bushing is Teflon, graphite or bronze. Piston bolts are stainless steel.

The business end of the pump features hardened ceramic plungers with a highly polished finish to ensure long seal life. Oil seals are made from special compound.

Water seals are also made from special compound but are reinforced with natural cotton fibres. Exclusive pump pressure sealing system prevents leakage and is constantly lubricated.

Inlet and outlet valve units are renowned for their quiet operation.

They feature stainless steel valve seats and springs.

The valve caps are made from forged brass and this makes the valves very easy to service without the need to dismantle the pump’s head or plumbing.

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