Spitwater builds a solid reputation for excellence

At a time when many organizations are moving offshore, outsourcing or simply importing the finished product, Spitwater Australia has consciously brought many functions in-house.

“Manufacturing components internally has improved product quality and has simultaneously reduced production times and parts inventories, says general manager Andrea Martinotti.

“We use sophisticated robotic welding, and computer-controlled combined laser cutting and turret punching equipment in the manufacture of many of the parts for our products, he says.

“These and other state-of-the-art operations such as our fully automated powder coating plant all contribute to the high build quality of our machines.

“In many cases we are able to hold raw stock such as brass rod and sheet metal, rather than numerous high cost pre-formed or machined components that all have slightly different specifications.”

Complimenting the latest technology, Spitwater’s experienced trades people form, roll, bend, cut and weld all the steel tube and sheet used in the high pressure cleaners
and heaters. Items such as covers, bases, roll frames, handles, chassis, coils and
combustion chambers are all manufactured and finished at the Albury plant.

The advantages of this approach have been significant for Spitwater.

The company is a very agile and independent manufacturer as a result and the ever increasing popularity of Spitwater products in the Australian and international markets is proof of the company’s enduring success.