Spitwater: 25 years of Australian manufacturing

Spitwater is Australia’s largest manufacturer of pressure cleaners as well as industrial heaters and dryers.

In these uncertain times, the company has just celebrated 25 years of successful operation in Australia and is looking forward to steady growth.

Located at Albury, literally minutes from the Sydney to MelbourneHume Freeway, Spitwater has been manufacturing and distributingspecialised industrial equipment for Australian and international markets since 1982. The company is privately owned and 100 per cent Australian.

While other companies move their operations off-shore insearch of lower production costs, Spitwater is increasing its commitment to local manufacturing and is increasing its production capacity.

The company currently produces three completely different product lines for different segments of the industrial, agricultural and commercial markets.

Spitwater manufactures high quality pressure water cleanersdesigned for heavy duty cleaning applications under the ‘Spitwater’brand.

It also produces LPG as well as Diesel and kerosene fan forcedindustrial space heaters and dryers under the ‘Jetfire’ and ‘Spitfire’brands respectively.

All these products are manufactured in-house, at the Spitwater’s15,000 sqm factory, at Albury. At a time when many organisationsfollow a mantra of outsourcing, Spitwater Australia has consciouslybrought many functions in-house.

‘We aim to do as much onsite as is possible, says Spitwater’s general manager Andrew Martinotti.

"We have invested in capital equipment such as a new combined laser/turret punch, new milling machines, presses and a powder coating plant, he said.

"The advantages have outweighed the cost of the investmentsand it definitely makes us much more agile and independent manufacturers."

Australia wide operations of Spitwater provide jobs for more than 150 full time employees.

The company prides itself on service back-up and continually trains its network in product as well as service issues and innovation.