Spitwater’s new Wombat family eats roots

Spitwater, Australia’s largest manufacturer of pressure cleaners, has introduced a new family of industrial drain clearing jetters specifically designed to clear blocked drains.

The Wombat range offers a combination of higher pressure and water flow to give plumbers the most efficient range of drain clearing machines on the market.

“Our new ‘Wombats’ absolutely eat roots,” says Spitwater NSW manager Milo Gajin.

Purpose-designed from the ground up, the new range of drain cleaners from Spitwater offer three distinctly different models:

  • Ultra high flow Model HP2430AE offers 3500 psi (240 Bar) pressure with flow of 30L per minute – an ideal machine for flushing larger drains
  • High pressure and high flow Model HP2725AE offers 4000 psi (275 Bar) pressure with flow of 25L per minute – a compromise machine where both higher pressure and higher flow are required and
  • Ultra high pressure Model HP3523AE offers a massive 5000psi (350 Bar) pressure with a very high flow of 23L per minute – the highest on the market.

At the heart of these new machines is a new Italian Interpump manufactured range of high pressure, positive displacement pumps that feature solid brass heads, ceramic pistons and enhanced valves and seals. The pump is driven by a Honda, petrol powered V-Twin engine.

Spitwater enjoys a preferred OEM status with Honda Australia and can offer clients additional benefits such as engine matching and an unprecedented two-year warranty on all its engines.

Spitwater NSW
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