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Steam energy is still very much a 21st Century energy source used in many industries and applications. From cornflakes to medicines tissue paper to timber, hotels to hospitals, steam has a vital role to play. Around the globe Spirax Sarco is responsible for supplying solutions and equipment to an extremely diverse market. Here is just one typical example of the real benefits available with getting Spirax Sarco involved – it is an example close to the heart of many Australians –Beer! Phil Hopkins, Spirax Sarco manager and beer lover explains:

‘Over a two-year period Swan Brewery engineers Simon Mezzino, Peter Svensson, and myself jointly worked on a temperature control upgrade. Spirax Sarco supplied hot water heat exchanger skids, steam traps and control valves. Working closely with the Swan Brewery engineers, we were able to stabilise the heat exchange processes, preventing downtime, erratic cycles and temperature swings. This ensured the consistent and repeatable heat exchange cycle to meet the daily production schedules. The temperature control upgrade and standardization also meant that the temperatures of the heating and cooling media were consistent, and within the bands necessary for a superior brew.

Upgrading the temperature controls minimized waste, reduced energy consumption and delivered consistent ingredients at the right temperatures for the head brewer to work his magic. The steam trap upgrade and management system ensured Swan Brewery used the minimal amount of energy necessary to brew a quality beer. This also minimised the need for fresh water make-up through a return and recycling process of the steam condensate, and eliminating the wastage of steam through failed equipment.

Through our partnership, Swan Brewery was able to reduce energy usage by 6% and reduce maintenance costs. It increased the reliability of the production process, with a more consistent ingredient delivery. As a result of the upgrade, the brewery also has less need for make-up water in the brewing process, all the while delivering the highest quality, freshest beer possible. This was a great result for the consumer who gets a great quality beer. The environment is better off as less fossil fuel and boiler related chemicals are used, along with lower fresh water consumption needs. The Swan Brewery now has better control over its brewing process and its employees have a safer, more controllable work environment. As for Spirax Sarco we have a new partnership that partnership that will endure.’

KEY OUTCOMES: Swan Brewery was able to reduce energy usage by 6%, reduce water usage, reduce maintenance costs as well as increasing the reliability
of the production process’

Applications where you can save energy and money as well as reduce emissions:
Steam systems surveys
Instantly identify where energy is being wasted and savings can be made.

Flash steam
Flash steam recovery system – making the most of what you already produce. Don’t let energy escape!

Heat exchangers
Replacing old heat exchangers with modern, efficient compact heat exchanger packaged units.

Condensate return
Maximising condensate return by using condensate pumps- saving water,
chemicals and energy

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