Spill Containment

Environmental spillage control

Polythylene pallets are ideal for spillage control and are resistant to solvents, acids and caustics. Safety is a high priority and managing drums of hazardous chemicals requires special precautions as well as good housekeeping to prevent accidents. A workplace cluttered with drums is not only unsafe, but it is also inefficient. Valuable floor space can be used more productively with equipment designed specifically to safeguard drum storage, spill containment and convenient dispensing.

Hazmat accumulation centre

These safe waste, accumulation and transfer stations from Materials Handling can store up to eight 205L drums. They have four removable grates, for easy clean up and are easily relocated by forklift when empty. An optional ramp can be placed at any perimeter position to accommodate a drum trolley.

Spill control funnels

These low profile polyethylene funnels, for both hazardous and flammable liquids, make controlled pouring easy, reduce mess and keep drum tops clean. The tapered bottom drains viscous or non-flammable liquids easily and quickly. A version with a 150 mm flame arrestor is also available.

Polyethylene low profile spill control pallets

These pallets are ideal for corrosive fluids and resistant to solvents, acids and caustics. Steel drums are vulnerable to attack by harsh chemicals and plastic drums to mechanical damage. Leaks can result not only in lost contents but in contaminated wastewater, soil or air and possible fines. These pallets are designed to contain spills and will help to avoid spill clean up costs and minimise the potential for slips and falls, whilst providing a safe liquid dispensing station. They may also be used as a battery holding and top up station. Drums should always be placed on spill control pallets.

Drum management modules

This rack is for organised storage of 205L drums, as well as dispensing and spill control. This unit will also accommodate 20L standard drums and safety cans in the dispensing well. Flammable spills are safely removed by using flammable pumps and proper grounding devices. A dispensing shelf is available for the stack module. All modules are capable of being handled by forklift and stack to a maximum of six drums. They are not recommended for plastic drums.