Sperian to the rescue in natural disasters

Australia and NZ have been ravaged by natural disasters this year causing great emotional and financial burden for individuals and communities.

After extensive flooding in Qld, Cyclone Yasi hit the state and then followed through on a smaller scale with more storms and floods extending into VIC and NSW. Recently we have also seen fires in WA, an earthquake shaken Christchurch in NZ and more flooding in NSW.

For months to come, communities throughout Australia and NZ face a massive recovery job.

For rescue and recovery crews it is vital not to forget the basics in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment should be a must – not just in the workplace in general, but also in any other situation where people are exposed to contaminants and harmful substances in the air, hazards to hands and arms, when handling unknown or dangerous objects, extreme noise levels, or facing loose flying objects in the process.

Floodwater damage causes more issues than other kinds of water damage. Unlike grey water from broken plumbing which is relatively sanitary, flood water is classified in the same category as sewage.

Armed with gloves and a mask for protection, safety eyewear and hearing protection where applicable, there are a number of steps to be undertaken, from clearing flooded rooms of all water damaged objects, to water removal, drying to prevent the growth of toxic mold and mildew and finally, restoration.

Whether clearing mud and silt from streets and houses, or removing debris, cleaning up
after a fire, general clean-up repair, maintenance, construction and building work, always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment: safety eyewear, gloves, respirators, fall protection and hearing protection if need to.

For the ultimate in eye protection Sperian offers the A700 Series.

The A700 Series delivers extraordinary value, combining new sport styling with high protection standards.

The A700 combines fashionable styling and lightweight design and comfort with high protection, due to the 9 base wrap around lens that provides close to the face protection.

And Sperian’s Superone Disposable Respirators provide protection, comfort and value.

They are designed to reach new levels of filtration efficiency and are suitable for dusty environments as well as welding, grinding and sanding.

The easy fit pre-moulded shape is comfortable for a variety of face types, even with spectacles. Superone disposable respirator series is quality at an affordable price.

For hand protection Sperian Workeasy Polytril Plus gloves are ideal for use in dry, wet and oily conditions.

The Workeasy Polytril Plus glove provides excellent dexterity and superior tactile sensitivity.

The gloves also offer outstanding oil and grease absorption making them ideal as a general purpose glove, for repair, material and parts handling.

Sperian has extensive knowledge and experience in personal protective equipment, catering for emergency services, industrial needs and the private sector all over the world. Sperian products are readily available all over Australia and NZ from any good PPE supplier.

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