Sperian Facepiece a Breath of Fresh Air

Sperian Protection, the market leaders in personal safety equipment and air purifying respirators, has released the new Survivair Opti-Fit with mesh headnet.

An expansion to the popular Survivair Opti-Fit APR full facepiece line, the new Opti-Fit
line offers a wide range of features for ultimate performance and added comfort normally found on more expensive respirators.

Featuring a replaceable lens treated with an anti-scratching coating, a nose cup as standard and a durable silicone skirt, the Opti-Fit is easy to maintain and service.

The wide viewing area offers optimum clarity with distortion free viewing for added safety.

With straps attached to the rim of the facepiece, the Opti-Fit also reduces pressure points and distortion of the sealing surface when tightened.

The new Opti-Fit range offers wearers an industrial mesh hairnet to replace the traditional five-point strap.

The Opti-Fit with mesh headnet is available in three sizes to suit any facial type.

Sperian Protection
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