Sperian’s new vision for protective eyewear


Sperian Protection has introduced new photochromic protective eyewear for the workplace.

For workers who move between indoor and outdoor environments, swapping eyewear is often regarded as a hassle.

So many workers avoid wearing appropriate eyewear, putting themselves at risk of injury.

Unlike protective eyewear that uses standard lenses, photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions and are engineered to switch from a clear lens to a grey lens when exposed to UV light, eliminating the need for workers to carry a separate pair of safety glasses for outdoor use.

Depending on the level of UV brightness, glasses with photochromic lenses darken on sunny days and will gradually reduce to an optimal lens shade on overcast or cloudy days. This ensures an appropriate level of protection at all times when lighting conditions change.

As well as enhancing visual performance by increasing the worker’s ability to distinguish objects of different sizes, brightness and contrast, photochromic lenses also help reduce solar glare and eye fatigue in both darker and brighter environments.

By wearing safety eyewear with photochromic lenses workers will always receive the correct amount of visual protection – no matter the type or time of day.

The Sperian SolarPro is a premium style of safety eyewear that features high performance photochromic lenses to provide wearers with superior protection and coverage in a wide range of applications.

From construction, utility line work, landscaping, oil and gas industries and any other industry where glare from the sun can cause eye strain, the Sperian SolarPro’s sport-inspired wrap-around and 100 per cent dielectric design will provide workers with close up facial protection.

For added protection, and to extend the life of the lenses, Sperian SolarPro photochromic lenses can be coated using the latest in lens coating technology – the Supra-dura and Dura-streme as well as anti-fog and hard-coat lens coatings.

A high performance anti-scratch coating that is permanently bonded to the lens, the Supra-dura provides up to five times more lens life than other hardcoat lens coatings on the market.

The Dura-streme lens coating, combining a Sperian anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens with a Sperian hard coat on the outside of the lens, provides up to three times more lens life than standard anti-fog coatings on the market.

For increased safety and long wearing comfort, the Sperian SolarPro also includes
soft temple tip pads, a soft padded nose piece, ratcheting temples for adjustability to ensure the perfect fit for any face, and is certified to AS/NZS 1337.1: 2010 for Medium Impact Protection.

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