Special suction pads for plastic parts leave no marks

Millsom Vacuum Components offer a wide range of suction pads which permits safe and reliable handling of airtight and porous objects with smooth to rough surfaces. Gripping of products and goods with suction pads generally causes no damage to the objects, even if they have high-quality and easily damaged surface finishes.




For this reason, suction pads are widely used for the handling of injection-moulded and thermoformed parts or of linings made of plastic or with plastic coatings. For handling delicate parts such as displays, the grippers must leave absolutely no marks. In the case of plastic parts which are subsequently to be painted, it is desirable that the suction pads should be free of substances detrimental to paint wetting.

These requirements are all met by the suction pads made of the special material HT1, which withstands temperatures of up to 160°, leaves almost no marks on the objects and is free of silicone and other substances detrimental to paint wetting.


These suction pads are available in various shapes and in many different sizes with diameters of 5 to 80 mm. They thus meet all requirements for the automatic handling of plastic parts, whereby the flat, round version PFYN is used for mainly flat surfaces while the flat, oval version SGON is used for longer or cylindrical parts.

The bellows versions of these suction pads are available with 1.5 and 2.5 corrugations (FSGA, FSG) and provide a long stroke of the suction pad and a good damping effect. They are frequently used for parts with curved surfaces. This range of suction pads has now been extended with small versions with diameters of 5 and 7 mm, which are particularly suitable for handling small workpieces in the plastics industry. All of the above suction pads are available for immediate delivery.

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