Special suction pads for handling wood

New from Millsom Vacuum Components: suction pads SHF and SHF-C – flexible and robust all-rounders for smooth, rough and even porous surfaces.

With two new series of suction pads for smooth, rough and even porous materials and  surfaces, the vacuum specialists, Millsom Vacuum Components, provides even more performance and safety in the handling of wooden parts. The two series SHF 125 to SHF 210 and SHF-C 125 to SHF-C 210 round off the range of suction pads, ensuring that the ideal suction pad is now available for any conceivable task.


The series SHF 125 to SHF 210 is characterised by a very soft sealing lip with an internal sealing edge and by a special structure of the lower pad surface. This, combined with the use of the material NK (natural rubber) instead of the NBR used for other suction pads and further optimisation of the pad shape, results in the following practical benefits: optimal adaptation to smooth and rough (sawn) surfaces and uneven workpieces, and thus very good sealing on such surfaces; secure gripping of workpieces, permitting more dynamic operations and shorter cycle times; replacement of worn suction pads quickly, without the need for tools.


The series SHF-C 125 to SHF-C 210 also has a soft sealing lip, but also has a special double lip which permits generation of an integrated compressed-air cone. This compressed-air cone prevents air from being drawn through workpieces such as sheets of MDF and eliminates the self-adhesion effect when removing sheets from a stack. The special structure of the lower pad surface also makes the suction pads particularly suitable for applications with high acceleration rates and very short cycle times.

The pads are optionally available with filters, providing more process reliability for applications in dusty surroundings. Sensing valves can also be integrated to permit faster handling and to prevent the loss of vacuum if some of the suction pads on a gripper are not in contact with the workpiece.

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