Special sensors for plastic industry


TURCK has introduced the new BCC capacitive sensor series, specifically designed to provide accurate level detection in the plastic industry.

The BCC series features excellent EMC and ESD immunity, allowing the sensors to reliably detect the level of plastic pellets in a hopper while withstanding environmental interference.

BCC sensors are mounted on a plastic sight glass or in the hopper containing plastic pellets for point level detection.

“Standard capacitive sensors used to detect plastic pellets are prone to failure because of the electrostatic discharge frequently found in pellet silos and systems,” says Melissa Schumann, product specialist with TURCK’s sensor division.

“The BCC series has been specially designed to resist ESD.”

These innovative sensors may also be mounted directly in a metal hopper without a reduction in range, a common side-effect for standard capacitive sensors.

The BCC series incorporates a unique laterally-mounted shield that protects the sensors
from being affected by the metal hopper.

An integrated processor allows the sensors to detect different types of plastics with no adjustment needed.

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