Sound Stop® acoustic screens for effective noise control

Sound Stop® acoustic screens manufactured by Optimum Handling Solutions are being used increasingly in industry as a most effective & versatile solution to noise issues.

Sound Stop® is a flexible PVC noise barrier and absorber curtain that is adaptable to any situation whether the requirement is for an enclosure to house noisy machinery or sliding workplace partition systems to isolate a noise source still allowing full access as required.

Sound Stop® acoustic screens are used at Snowy Hydro Power Stations to reduce noise created by the turbines from affecting other areas within the power station.

A critical requirement was for the screens to allow unobstructed access for maintenance & periodic removal & reinstallation of the turbines. The solution was a system of sliding screens that attach to each other to create a full enclosure of the turbine. The Sound Stop® screen absorbed and reduced the noise achieving a safer and more effective workplace environment.

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