Sorting waste at source

MOST production facilities generate several types of waste with an intrinsic value which can easily be retrieved for recycling in many instances.

To help sort dry recoverable paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium, and steel products, Orwak offers a range of unique multi-chamber balers for use in factories, that can be situated directly at waste source level.

Resulting high-density bales are easy to shift and stack awaiting, in many cases, a free-of-charge collection by the trade. The saving of operating space and disposal charges plus a tidy place in which to work are the obvious benefits for both management and staff.

The series consist of three models to suit major applications, in two, three or four press compartment configurations offering 3, 10 or 20-tonne press force in manual or semi-automatic modes.

The top-loading 5070 and 9020 Orwak balers have a proven track record within the Australian manufacturing industry since 1992 and meet with all relevant OH&S regulations.

Orwak's range of waste presses also includes front loading balers where floor space comes at a premium, waste compactors for mixed wet and dry refuse, and fully automatic briquetting presses, as well as professional in-line balers for commercial waste processing.