Smartflow Thinswitches Save Money for Moulders!

The Smartflow Thinswitch® is a limit switch specially designed to confirm the ejector plate has returned before permitting the mould to close, in injection moulding tools


The Thinswitch® is small enough to fit inside the ejector housing, with 3mm or 4mm reset buttons. Mounting of the switch is accomplished using integral mounting holes or with a bracket that allows the switch to slide into place from the edge of the mould base.


Thin switches have proved popular with moulders the world over as an easy and cheap way to ensure costly damage to moulds is kept to a minimum, by helping prevent mould crashes.


The switches  can be supplied in standard version with a temperature rating to 80 Deg C or a high temperature version rated to 121 Deg C. Other options include a liquid resistant version.