SMART XR4800d at a glance

By adding a fourth axis to its SMART Router series, ART transforms a once very messy job into a clean, automated process, offering the following and many more special tools designed for duct board cutting:

  • Variable angled knives
  • Steered reciprocating knives for duct board and fibreglass insulation etc.,
  • Steered pizza cutter wheels for creasing and cutting a variety of insulation materials.

The machine comes with a process area of 4000mm x 1600mm, perfectly sized for insulated duct board supplied in 4000mm x 1200mm as a standard.

It is suitable for the following materials:

  • Insulated duct board
  • Fibreglass and polyester insulation
  • Fabric and textiles
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Timber products
  • Aluminium sheet