Smart plan: New Samos control software

Samos PLAN v1.2 from Treotham Automation is the control software for Wieland’s Samos PRO modular safety products.

A variety of Samos PRO safe function modules enables the setup of complex safety applications, allowing users to monitor all kinds of parameters. The system is suitable for use in Industrial Ethernet environments and in fieldbus systems using the PROFIBUS DP or CANopen protocol.

The control system is programmed intuitively and easily using Samos PLAN, a programming tool with graphical user interface for the configuration and parameterisation of inputs and outputs. No special knowledge of PLC programming languages is required. The finished application program is saved on the removable program media Samos MEMORY directly in the system, and will thus be available inside the control cabinet even after replacement.

Tabs and windows, in a familiar browser-style arrangement, enable users to navigate the software easily. The structure of a Samos PRO system, consisting of the various hardware modules as well as the configuration of the inputs and outputs and the connected elements, are displayed in the Hardware Configuration view.

Samos PLAN v1.2 can be downloaded from

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