Smart move: introducing the new Crate Skate


A Plus Plastics has released a revolutionary new dolly, simply called the Crate Skate.

The Crate Skate has many unique features and benefits making it an ideal material handling product.

Made from foam filled recycled PP but with a load rating of 600kg, the heavy duty Crate Skate is much lighter than a steel dolly.

More importantly, it is a highly economical option – without compromising on quality.

The skate’s castors are the key to its strength and versatility.

Made from zinc plated steel fasteners with “nyloc nuts” the castors provide long life under consistent heavy workloads. The casters make the skate easy to manoeuvre and special rounded corners minimize bump damage.

The skate comes with one brake as standard but it can be custom manufactured with two brakes.

Another handy feature is the Crate Skate’s ability to stack for easy storage when not in use. This makes it perfect for document storage and or relocation companies as well as many other industries.

A Plus can provide quality in-house branding (hot stamp or screen print) to include company logos or special messages on all products, including the new Crate Skates.

The Crate Skate is available in two versions. One version of the skate has been made to fit the industry standard number 10 and number 15 crates.

The other version is designed specifically for A Plus Plastics’ tamper proof Security Crate.

A Plus Plastics
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