A smart investment for Aussie company

DT Hi-Load, an Australian company designing and manufacturing lightweight trays, has invested in a DAVI MCB 3075/S (4xRolls) full Leonardo CNC Heavy Duty Plate Roll to roll the super hard steel plate used to manufacture DT bodies.

DT Hi-Load use leading edge DAVI CNC technology to produce bodies that are lightweight (increased payloads) and are stronger and more durable through superior design and function.

The heavy duty design of DT Hi-Load trays provides outstanding wear resistance with the unique panel construction, greatly reducing down time.

Built with German hardened steel, DT-Hi Load trays deliver strong performance for a demanding mining industry.

Combining 15 years experience with a commitment to excellence, DT Hi-Load Australia
lead the way in delivering robust load bodies able to withstand the harshest operating conditions with the weight savings driving greater mine profitability.

DT HI-Load Australia currently produces 100 bodies per year from their Forrestfield workshop and construction is underway to expand facilities and double production this year.

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