Smart addition to your lift table


The unique Safetech SmartLift includes a variety of innovative features that will enhance the safety and productivity of your Safetech lift table.

Smartlift, which is standard on Safetech most scissor lift tables increases the utility and value of your lift table.

Features include:

  • Indexing function

In many pallet-loading applications, the lift table needs to drop by a constant amount each time a layer of goods is added to the load. The SmartLift will allow users to pre-set this amount and then just “dab” the down button when ready for a new layer, rather than needing to hold the control until the platform is at the correct height. This means extra productivity.

SmartLift can be switched from indexing to manual modes without the need for new controls or an electrician.

  • Service Due indicator

SmartLift is fitted with a cycle counter that indicates when SmartLift is due for its regular servicing, encouraging proper maintenance for long life.

  • Diagnostic function

The diagnostic function is nice insurance in the unlikely event of a breakdown. LED indicator lights tell you where the fault lies for a speedy repair.

  • Safety Recoil

If the safety bar hits something as the table lowers, it will rise briefly. This means that if a descending table touches someone, it will instantly move up and away for a short distance. Safety recoil makes escape from the mechanism easy.

  • Safety Bar Alarm

The standard Safetech safety bar stops the lift table going down as soon as it comes into contact with a person or obstruction. The safety bar alarm provides an added level of safety, alerting others nearby that the lift table has hit something or someone. This is especially useful if a person has been hurt and is unable to call for help.

  • Mounting

The Smartlift can be mounted on the table itself, or can be mounted remotely.

For more information on the Smartlift contact Safetech.

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