FDM versus SLS

How to make the most of your prototype.

At RapidPro, we strive to provide the best prototyping solutions for your project.

This may be a plaster composite, SLS, FDM, CNC etc. Sometimes, clients have pre-conceived ideas of some prototyping processes. WE will always recommend the best process and material for your project.

A common misconception regarding prototypes is the versatility of FDM. Because this technology is relatively new and the past years has seen major technological improvements, don't discount this process as a possible prototyping solution.

Ask questions and speak to one of our fully qualified staff - they will help you make the right decision based on your individual projects needs and requirements.

As a general rule, many companies ask for SLS parts when FDM could be a better fit for their project ... and vice versa.

Here are a simple list of questions that will help you to choose your prototyping process:

1. If it involves a living hinge - SLS

2. If it needs to be glued - FDM

3. If it is large and flat - FDM

4. Small details are important - SLS

5. Make from ABS or Poly Carbonate - FDM

6. Make from Nylon - SLS

Obviously this is a simplified list but what we hope to show is that now prototyping process is a substitute for another. They all have their strengths, weakness and approporaite applications.  This is why we offer a wide range of prototyping techniques and processes, to enable us to support our customer’s product development process.

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