Slide Products range of Mold releases and Tool Sprays now available in Australia!

Tasman Machinery has begun to hold local stock of one of the world’s most recognized names in aerosol sprays for the plastics Industry.


For over 50 years Slide Products have been supplying a high quality – mid priced range of mold releases, cleaners, rust preventatives, and related items to the plastics and toolmaking industry in the USA, and more recently throughout Europe and Asia.


Slide products have built their market reputation on offering a very high quality product that meets customer’s requirements. Their range of products have been developed and formulated to meet the needs of the plastics industry.


Slide Products No. 1 seller is their Mould Cleaner Plus Degreaser III.  It cleans without any wiping and leaves no residue. It is fast acting and convenient way to remove silicones, grease, oil and wax build up on tool surfaces. It’s fast evaporating formulation makes it suitable for cleaning cold tools. 


Tasman Machinery is stocking a full range of products with free samples and catalogs available.