Sizzling hot new linear slide system

Normally most slide systems can only cope with around 260°C.

TEA’s new slide system is suitable for temperatures up to 550°C.

It consists of a carriage body that holds high performance sliding elements that move on flat rails.

The entire surface of the sliding element lies exactly on the rail. Dirt or dust particles are removed continually by the “snow-plough” effect.

The recommended dry running conditions prevent dust from sticking to any lubricants.
This means longer service life and easy cleaning and suitability for the clean room environments.

Slides are adjustable to provide a no free play tolerance.

The carriage body is made of high strength aluminium and the guide rail is made from anodized aluminium (steel or stainless steel are optional).

Applications range from sensitive technical medical equipment to robust heavy-duty machines in dirty and dusty conditions.

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