Sippel unveils its latest hi-tech electronic weigh-packer

Sippel International Pty Ltd has launched a new all stainless steel hi-tech electronic weigh-packer for a wide range of applications.

The stainless steel machine is ideal for all types of powders, granules, emulsions, and abrasive or cementicious products such as concrete mix. Also, it has non-corrosive and better cleanout features for food or chemical products.

Like other Sippel quality products this latest machine has an all-stainless frame as well as stainless outer parts and convenient removable access covers.

The machine can weigh-fill product into plastic or paper bags, in-house transfer containers or bins and cartons with or without a plastic liner.

A safety clamping device securely holds the container in place so as to contain dust if present and subject to the container’s integrity is capable of supporting up to a 40kg package, until operator or auto weigh system is ready to release it.

The machine’s range will weigh from 2, 5, 8, 10, to 40 kg in increments of 10g, by simply calling up the different settings on the digitiser weigh panel.

As well as weigh-filling Open Top Packages the machine can also handle Valve Self Sealing Bags with a quickchange of parts.

This compact machine can be ganged for multiple weigh-filling by one operator.

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