Sippel packaging machine is great on gravel

The Sippel Hi-Tech Electronic Weigh-Packaging Machine has successfully completed its toughest challenge to date – weigh-packing 10mm mesh river gravel.

After various design modifications, the Sippel packaging machine can now pack any milled or powdered product of various sieve analysis or meshes from talc, plaster, cementicious, flour, coffee beans, bread bake mixtures to plastic granules – and now 10mm mesh river gravel.

The river pebble machine is an all stainless steel unit – ideal for moist or wet products.

The river gravel was packed into plastic or woven plastic bags over a range from 5 to 20 kg with excellent weight accuracy in 10g increments.

The standard stainless steel weigh packaging machine lasts longer and makes it easier to clean out between products – particularly with food, colors or chemicals.

For open top flexible packages its usual two-stage safety clamping device securely holds the pack in place, while weigh-filling.

An operator can simply call up different weigh settings via the locally manufactured digitiser panel.

Being a compact machine, it can be ganged for multiple weigh-filling by one operator.

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