Sippel moves with the times

The relocation of 48 tonnes of machinery would be a major challenge for most companies – but not for the Sippel Group.

Sippel recently assisted a major Sydney company to successfully move the equipment into a temporary storage position while the floor where it stood was substantially strengthened.

“A second relocation move was done after the new reinforced concrete floor set and was judged sufficiently cured, so the move would not damage the new floor,” said Sippel Group managing director Geoff Sippel.

Sippel Group’s unique AIRSKATE Hovair Air Cushion Load Movement Set of four AS34-HP AIRSKATE Units was used to carry out the move.

Though the normal maximum load for this Set was only 40 tonne, the injection moulding machine’s 7 tonne tooling had been left in the machine, bringing the load to nearly 48 tonne.

Then the spigoted second half of machine (about 20 tonnes) was more easily joined by appropriately and carefully inflating the AIRSKATE System so as the spigot could be engaged without difficulty.

Once the main injection moulding unit had positioned, other lighter ancillary automatic feed equipment was also moved into position and integrated with the main machine.

Each move was completed in about 10 minutes. And the total time for Sippel Group to set up, de-hack and pack their equipment back into their trailer was about two hours.

The AIRSKATE move concept means equipment or machines can be moved without disassembling, often only needing the power supply to be disconnected. The control console can still be connected and carried along to avoid the necessity of debugging after a full re-assembly of machine.

Geoff Sippel attributed the speed and efficiency of the move to "years of experience."

"We had previously used the AS34-HP AIRSKATE Hire Set to successfully handle four 48 tonne moves for just one client, as well as other somewhat lesser loads, said Mr Sippel.

"This is due to the design of the tough special material flexible diaphragms which lift and provide almost frictionless but safe motion on a reasonably good floor, he said. "And it can be overloaded up to 35 per cent subject to certain conditions."

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