Sippel Hi Tech Packer is the weigh to go

For the past 10 years the Sippel Group’s weigh-packaging machine has played a key role in the making of home bread baking mixes at Laucke Flour Mill at Bridgewater, Victoria.

The machine is used to fill open top mini-sacks with a pack range of 5 to 10kg packs.

They are filled to the desired weight, then closed and stacked on pallets ready for dispatch to major supermarkets.

Locally developed and manufactured, the Sippel Hi Tech 2000 Electronic Weigh-Packing Machine boasts solid performance with easy interchange parts or spares, including locally designed electronics.

This durable, reliable machine provides consistent package weights together with cleanliness and hygienic fill.

Depending on product, pack weights ranging from 2kg to 50kg with a typical accuracy of a few grams can be achieved at rates up to six per minute or even higher for smaller pack weights.

Fine dry emulsions, pastes, powders, granules or mixtures of these can be handled and even some with moisture/fat content.

This includes our latest machine which can pack small to 10mm mesh gravel.

Its versatility enables a large variety of containers to be weigh-packed efficiently, including plastic, paper or combination open top bags, valved bags, drums, large cans, tote bins, cartons or boxes.

The Hi Tech packer features many stainless steel components especially in product flow and has improved wear properties.

This makes it particularly suitable for the food industry, chemical products and even somewhat corrosive products, as well as the usual rock milled or crushed and cement based lines.

Clean out is enhanced by easy access and exchangeable hoppers or other change parts, where it is desired to save time and risk of color contamination and the like. Change parts are limited to between 1 to 4 easily accessible bolts or screws and can be changed in minutes.

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