Sippel Group has an air of confidence

You can’t beat a 100 per cent success rate.

That’s the proud record of the Sippel Group over a 30-year-period.

The Sippel team has again succeeded with an awkward 2.5 tonne hire move (site unseen) of a rather fragile processing packaging machine.

The machine was used to complete bottle packs of special Hibiscus flowers, which are placed into champagne glasses (and can be eaten).

With no opportunity to pre-inspect the site or job, the Sippel Group improvised by supporting the small 50mm diameter machine legs by forming airbeams with its four AS18-HP HOVAIR(TM) AIRSKATE(TM) set and bracing with a single steel bar to keep the system stable, when floating.

As it was a food environment, semi-friction finish surface, with limited compressed air supply, we utilised our thin slip sheet belting strips to reduce air usage.

The job was completed in a relatively short time, just squeezing through three door-ways with millimetres to clear and into a very constricted final position.

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, the Sippel Group has been safely moving machines and other items with no personal injury or damage to equipment, floors or buildings.

Sippel Group products are Australian made.

They are suitable for a wide variety of applications including textile, nuclear, paper manufacturing, printing, confectionery, food, performing arts, process packaging, laboratories, pharmaceutical, oil platforms, specialised manufacturing areas, heavy and very heavy industrial load applications and vehicular turntables for major financial institutions.

Load Capacities are almost limitless from 250kg - 2 tonne up to 50 to 100+ tonne.

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