Signed and sealed with Aussie Pumps

Seal failures in liquid fertiliser and agricultural chemical transfer pumps can be extremely inconvenient and costly.

When a mechanical seal fails, expensive farm chemicals can not only be wasted, but they can also cause considerable damage by leaking along the drive shaft into either the electric motor or engine that drives the pump.

Australian Pump Industries, one of Australia’s leading pump design innovators, has released the Aussie Protek guard system – the ultimate in engine or electric motor protection.

The Protek system features a housing that incorporates a coupling and drive shaft that slots neatly between the engine and the pump.

If a pump seal fails, the liquid being pumped will leak into the housing area, where it’s diverted from travelling along the power unit’s drive shaft.

“Simple seal failures that can be repaired relatively inexpensively can result in  catastrophic and expensive drive failures if not detected fast,” says Aussie Pumps’ Craig Bridgement. “The Aussie Protek protects those expensive drive systems.”

The Protek system is designed specifically for use with 2” and 3” Aussie poly pumps.

These pumps are widely used in both industry and agriculture for pumping corrosive chemicals like liquid fertilisers, livestock digestives or even herbicides and pesticides.

The Protek system incorporates an oversized slinger to prevent any liquid from contacting the drive. It also has a large weep hole to enable liquid to escape.

This simple system makes it easier for maintenance staff to detect a failure and to carry out repairs before further damage to the system occurs.

The pumps will handles flows of up to 1150L per minute, and offer pressures of as high as 35m. They self prime, and will suck through a vertical lift of over 6m.

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 9894 4144