Shipping Companies Do Not Care About Your Cargo!

It is up to you, the shipper, to ensure your containers are packed correctly to eliminate moisture damage and cargo movement within the container.

The first positive step to eliminate potential damage is the use of desiccants and dunnage bags.


MBD – 99 Desiccant – “Prevents moisture damage”


Specially formulated to lower the dew point inside shipping containers. By lowering the dew point, MBD – 99 can easily protect cargo from moisture damage while good are in transit.


Dunnage Bags – “Eliminate movement damage during transit”


Dunnage bags are inflatable made from heavy duty ‘Kraft’ paper, with a puncture resistant plastic liner. They are designed to slip flat between the voids in a container. Various sizes of bags are made to suit most void sizes and extra layers can be added for particularly heavy or sharp loads.


Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) is Australia’s  leading manufacturer of these products to support the Australian export industry.


To ensure the total shipping solution, AWS provide complete logistics and technical support. In Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne we offer an “obligation free” site visit by our trained consultants.


More information on this can be found at or contact 1800 023 890.