Shinn Fu Australia unveils new rotary pump range


According to a recent industry study, hydraulic pumps with a centrifugal design are widely used in most industry applications.

In comparison, rotary pumps make up only about 10 per cent of total use.

But with more users now demanding hydraulic pumps with high output capacity and less power consumption, attention is turning to rotary.

For this reason, Shinn Fu Australia now offers the BVA Flowmax Rotary Pump Series to fulfil the increased demand.

Advantages include:

  • Easy access – Pumps are actuated via the air compressor, providing safe, easy access.
  • Two speed operation for high speed cylinder advance.
  • Constant power – It will put out a constant volume of hydraulic fluid regardless of pressure.
  • More efficiency and productivity – In normal air or electric hydraulic pumps, if you double the speed you will need eight times the horsepower to drive it. However, if you double the speed of a rotary pump it will just require just twice the horsepower. This means less power consumption and high power output.

The BVA Flowmax Rotary Pump Series includes 1.7 HP and 4 HP models and a range of valve types to suit different needs. All rotary power units are US made.

For more information:

Shinn Fu Australia Pty Ltd
Ph: 03 9755 8277