SEW unveils new long-life stainless steel gear units

At National Manufacturing Week 2010, leading drive solutions group, SEW-Eurodrive, will launch its new KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gear units.

Based on the proven design of the existing 7-Series gear unit range, these two new additions feature casings and shafts made from stainless steel, with an inherently suitable enclosure for washdown applications.

The KES37 and RES37 models are ideally suited for aseptic applications where caustic/high-pressure wash-downs are required, or where there is potential for product contamination.

The stainless steel casings don’t need special coatings, ensuring a long service life and lower life-cycle costs.

“As all external components are fabricated from stainless steel, there is also no requirement to paint the surface,” said SEW-Eurodrive Victorian sales and product manager, Darren Klonowski. “This overcomes contamination problems from paint flakes and also avoids corrosion,” he said. “This design is both acid and alkali-resistant, which enables a wider variety of detergents to be used for cleaning.”

Cleaning is further assisted by the smooth design of the casing, which prevents a build-up of contaminants.

The lack of horizontal surfaces in the design also permits better drainage, and facilitates wash-down of the units.

Also, the new units feature up-rated seals that deliver a washdown protection rating, enabling these units to accommodate the most stringent hygienic manufacturing requirements.

Both the right-angle helical bevel KES37 and the in-line helical RES37 are rated up to 3kW and 200Nm.

The KES37 is available in a wide variety of configuration options and user-specific requirements, including hollow shaft, shrink disk, TorqLOC and flange mounted design.

The RES37 is available in a B5 flange-mounted design. Both models are available with a range of directly mounted stainless steel motors up to 0.75kW, or alternatively a third-party motor can be fitted via available stainless steel IEC adapters.

To view SEW-Eurodrive’s KES37 and RES37 stainless steel gear units, visit SEW-Eurodrive at NMW Stand G104.

Ph: 03 9933 1000