SEW slashes delivery time with new X-Series gear-units

Leading drives solutions group, SEW-Eurodrive, continues to slash gear-unit turnaround times with the launch of its Australian-assembled X-Series industrial gear-unit range.

Currently undergoing an upgrade to its assembly facility at the company’s national headquarters in Melbourne, SEW-Eurodrive will be able to offer locally assembled X-Series gear-units before the end of the year.

The new gear-units will provide Australian industry with unrivalled gear-unit access, choice and flexibility.

SEW-Eurodrive’s Melbourne facility will be the first X-Series assembly plant outside of Europe. Local assembly will initially focus on four distinct sizes, with torque ratings of 58 to 90kNm. The Australian-assembled X-Series features helical and helical-bevel gear technologies, and is suitable for motor powers up to 700kW. The entire X-Series (up to 475kNm) is available now and is offered in a range of mounting arrangements, configuration options and user-specific requirements.

The X Series is the ‘big brother’ to SEW-Eurodrive’s ML Compact Industrial gear units and will be assembled on the same production line in nine distinct sizes.

The Australian-assembled X-Series boasts a modular design and is assembled from a range of standard components.

“The modularity of the X-Series allows shortened delivery times, as units are assembled from stock parts,” says SEW-Eurodrive national product manager industrial gear units, Ian Tribe.

“This allows users with multiple X-Series gear-units with component commonality to minimise spare parts inventory. Unlike gear units manufactured overseas, the Australian-assembled X-Series can be supplied in just a few weeks, allowing users to streamline their own project timelines.”

Like all members of the X-Series family, the Australian-assembled X-Series has been designed with a number of versatile options, including a revolutionary housing that allows the gear-units to be inverted.

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