SEW seminar gives tips on how to save energy

At the company’s Driving Towards Industrial Energy Savings seminar, drives solutions group, SEW-Eurodrive, urged industry to consider the total life-cycle cost of both the motor and the complete drive system.

The technical seminar highlighted how correct sizing and selection of individual drive-train components can optimise system performance, increase energy savings and reduce operating costs.

Seminar presenters, engineering manager Frank Cerra and strategic marketing and product manager Darren Klonowski provided attendees with an in-depth analysis of electric motor application energy use and highlighted where energy saving could be made.

“A potential saving of up to 2.2 per cent can typically be realised just by incorporating highefficiency motors into the application,” said Cerra.

“But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. A further 9 per cent can be achieved by implementing accurate drive configuration and speed control matched to the application, while a staggering 20 per cent saving can be obtained by optimising the mechanical portion of the drive system.”

While Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS2006) compliance is important, it is perhaps more important to look beyond the motor itself and consider the drive-train as a whole.

By optimising the entire drive solution--from the gearbox, motor, and the drive electronics, through to the driven machine--enormous savings can be realised.

“These energy savings obviously translate into financial saving, and contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Cerra.

“This will become even more important with the likely introduction of the carbon emissions trading scheme in 2010, when businesses will be held accountable for their energy wastage.”

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